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Ongoing compliance is an important aspect of having your own self-managed super fund – and one of the biggest worries for members. This includes record keeping and reporting, tax and other ongoing administrative tasks. Keeping on top of this can be time consuming, stressful and expensive. But, you’re in luck – we’re here to make your SMSF compliance easier, with all the tools you need to stay compliant right at your fingertips.

Once you’ve set up your account, there are a few compliance obligations that you need to go through with. We can assist you with this process, helping you lodge forms online and providing support where needed.

Compliance obligations for SMSF trustees involves:

  • Preparation of an annual balance sheet

  • Preparation of an annual profit and loss statement

  • Preparation of annual member statements

  • Preparation of annual trustee resolutions  and minutes

  • Preparation and lodgement of an annual income tax return

  • Preparation and lodgement of an annual audit.


Rest easy knowing we’ve got everything covered to help you stay compliant and easily manage your SMSF. We keep our fees transparent and there is no hidden cost. Please also note that all the compliance works are done by our team in Sydney ("no to outsourcing" policy!!)  with strict review process so you can rest assured that your confidentiality and work quality are maintained and up to high standards.

  • SMSF setup

    • Corporate Trustee $1,200 + GST including ASIC Fees

    • Individual Trustee $600 + GST

  • SMSF On-going Management Cost $1,500* + GST. The fee includes the below services:

    • Monthly reconciliation of SMSF transactions ​

    • Preparation and lodgement of SMSF financial statements and tax return

    • Annual compliance and strategic reviews

    • Accumulation accounts supported

    • Pension accounts supported

    • Optional annual review meeting

    • Dedicated SMSF specialist account manager

    • Personalised phone and email support

    • Audit by external independent approved SMSF auditor

*Additional fees: Please note the above fee excludes the below services:

  • Audit service by an external independent approved SMSF Auditor + $330 (GST Inclusive)

  • SMSF pension accounts supported + $250 (GST inclusive)

  • Actuarial certificate +$150 (GST inclusive)

  • Real property borrowing arrangement (related-party loan and bank loan) - please contact us for further details.

    • Set-up of LRBA Security/ bare trust, LRBA Corporate trustee

    • LRBA related party loan agreement, complies with PCG2016/5


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